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Re-Scan Clicks Command  (Waveform Menu)

The source file is automatically scanned by Wave Corrector when it is first loaded. This command enables you to re-scan for clicks if the results of the original scan are unsatisfactory.

All the existing corrections are removed before re-scanning begins.

Track markers are unaffected when you use this command. 

Selecting the command activates a dialogue box for entering new scanning parameters. See the Options Dialogue for descriptions of the detection parameters available.

When running re-scan, you have the option to preserve any manually entered (user) corrections. Similarly you can preserve any 'cut & splice' blocks in the waveform. 

Note: You cannot use this command after digital filtering has been applied (eg the hiss filter). Therefore, make sure your click corrections are satisfactory before applying any digital filters. Alternatively, you can use the Remove Filtering command to restore the Re-scan Clicks capability.

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