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Auto-Scan Options Command   (Waveform Menu)

Use this command to select the Auto-Scan Options Dialogue Box.

The dialogue box allows you to:
  • set the source recording medium to either 'vinyl' or 'tape'.
  • set the detection thresholds for vinyl  clicks.
  • set the amount of hiss reduction for tapes and cassettes.
  • specify whether to separate an album file into tracks.
  • specify whether you want gapless track boundaries.

    Note that you must select 'Re-scan All' to apply revised options to a wave file which is already loaded.

    For additional information, click over the relevant section of the image below.

    The following 'Advanced' options should only be altered by expert users. They are provided to help prevent the incidence of 'False Positives', ie places where components of ordinary music are detected as clicks. Most of these settings allow you to selectively reduce the click detection sensitivity. Click over an item for further information.

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