Ganymede - The Legend

Ganymede Test & Measurement

In Greek mythology, Ganymede was a young mortal who tended sheep on the Trojan plain. Because of his kind nature and physical good looks, he became favoured by the great god Zeus. Zeus descended to Earth in the form of a mighty eagle and plucked Ganymede from his flock. Zeus carried the lad aloft where Ganymede became cup-bearer to the gods whom he served with humble distinction.

The Phaphos Mosaic depicting
Ganymede and Zeus

To the Ancients, Zeus was the ruler of the Heaven and Earth, and they identified him with the planet Jupiter.
In 1609 when Galileo Galilei discovered that Jupiter was orbited by four moons, he named the brightest Ganymede. Thus did he honour the ancient dramatists and philosophers upon whose solid foundations the modern world has been constructed.


Ganymede from the Voyager I Spacecraft

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