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Properties Command  (Tracks Menu)

This command enables you attach text information to a track. You can also to set fade in and fade-out times and pre- or post-track silence periods.

The dialogue lists all the tracks in your project and shows the track running times together with the text information tags that apply to each track. As well as these track tags, you can also enter an album title and a genre. These tags will be applied to all tracks. Settings for fade-in/out and pre/post-track silence periods are shown in the right hand columns.

To alter the settings for an individual track, highlight the track and click the 'Edit' button.

You can also use this dialogue to set one or more tracks to the program's default values. To do this, highlight the tracks you wish to set and click one or both of the 'Use Defaults' buttons.

To edit the default values, click the 'Change' button in the Defaults section of the dialogue.


Toolbar: Track Properties