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Naming Options and Other Settings

Select a file naming rule from the drop down list or type in a custom rule. The naming rule is used to generate the output file names. The following tokens can be used in track names: INPUT, GENRE, ALBUM, TITLE, ARTIST, and # (for track number). Override the start number if, for example, you are processing the second side of an LP. Use "Consecutive Numbering" to restrict numbering to just the tracks you have selected.

The generated names are previewed in the bottom window. 

The check boxes allow you to normalise or scale individual tracks as they are saved. (Note, to normalise the entire file, use the Normalise command on the Waveform Menu.) When Normalise or Scale is selected, enter your required decibel value in the dB box 

The Resample checkbox enables you to resample each file as it saved. Sample rates of 44100, 48000, 882000 and 96000 are supported with bit depths of 16- or 24-bit. Use the Config. Button to select your required resample rate and to configure the resampler.

The Save Settings checkbox causes the program to save your normalise and resample settings between sessions.