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Record Options

Four recording options are available:

'Continuous'  causes recording to continue until you press the 'Stop' button.

'Auto on Signal'  causes the recording to automatically start when the input signal exceeds a threshold; the recording stops when the signal falls below the threshold for more than 25 seconds.

'Timed'  allows you to pre-set a recording duration. Any time can be set from 1 minute up to the maximum possible using Wave Corrector's recording format. This is 3hrs. 22min. at 44.1kHz sampling rate and 3hrs. 6min. at 48kHz sampling. Timing starts when you press the 'Record' button and at the end of the pre-set period, recording is automatically stopped and the file saved

'Delayed Start'  allows you to set a start time for your recording. This is useful if you are recording from the radio.