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Volume Level Meter

The volume level meter consists of a pair of moving bars indicating the per channel amplitude in decibels relative to the digital clipping level. The bars are colour coded according to the following criteria:

Green:  below -6dB  
Yellow:  -6 to -3 dB  
Orange:  0 to -3 dB  
Red:  0dB   

A pair of overload indicators latch red when clipping level is reached.
A pair of blue markers hold the peak readings since the last reset.

Use the buttons as follows:-

Set Volume:  Call up the Windows 'Volume Control' applet. Use the applet to select the input you want to record from (usually 'Line-In') and to set the recording level.  Hint: Use Ctrl+S to toggle the applet between 'normal' and 'compact' mode. Compact mode takes up significantly less space on your desktop.

Vista/Windows7 Users: Under Vista and Windows7, this command opens the Sound Recording Devices window. When this appears, double click on your recording device (eg Line-In) to bring up its properties. Then select the 'Levels'  tab to select its volume control.
Reset Peak: Reset the blue Peak Hold indicators and the Red overload indicators.