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Play Track(s) Commands   (Tracks Menu)

These commands enable you to play back a track or the entire wave file.
  • Play track(s) from start. 
  • Play track(s) from marker. 

    If a track is currently selected (see selecting a track) these commands play that track. If no track is selected, then the entire wave file is played.

    When Wave Corrector gets to the end of the track, it loops back to the beginning and continues playing. To cancel playback, select the Cancel Command either via the tracks menu; or by selecting the toolbar button; or by pressing the Escape key.

    During playback, you can jump immediately to any point in the track by left-clicking the mouse in either the overview window or the main window. Playback continues from that point. Also, you can use the backspace key to skip back about 2 seconds.

    By default, these commands play the corrected file. To play uncorrected, hold down the Shift key when you select the command.

    The second status bar pane from the left indicates whether the original or corrected version is being played. You can instantly switch between versions by clicking over this pane with the mouse.


    Toolbar: Play from start
    Key: P

    Toolbar: Play from marker
    Key: Space Bar