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Graphic Filter

Select the check box and choose a graphic filter from the drop down list.

To create a new filter or to edit an existing filter, click on the 'New/Edit' button. This launches the Graphic Filter Editor:

To add a new point to the graph, click with the left mouse button at the new position. To move an existing point, drag it while holding down the left mouse button.

To delete a point, click over it with the right mouse button.

You can also use the keyboard to edit the filter as follows:
Cursor Left/Right: Select Point.
Delete: Delete selected Point
Insert: Inset point to the left of currently selected point.
Ctrl + Cursor Up/Down: Move Currently selected point vertically
Ctrl + Cursor Left/Right: Move Currently selected point horizontally.

Use the LF Expand button to display the bottom 10% of the spectrum.

If you are editing an existing filter, click the Update button to save your changes. Alternatively, create a new filter by entering a new name in the edit box on the right and clicking 'Save'.

Use the Delete Filter button to remove an existing filter from the drop down list.