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Cut and Splice  (Block Menu and Corrections Menu)

Use this command to remove a section of the waveform.

The selected block is removed and the program cross-fades between the sections immediately before and after the block.

When invoked from the Corrections Menu, a short block is automatically created at the centre of the screen.

Use this command to remove a serious aberration that cannot be removed with the normal correction process. The command can also be used to remove longer sections; for example, an audience cough during a live concert.

The length of the cross-fade is determined by the Splice Length setting. 

Before applying the cut, you can preview its effect with the audition buttons. Audition Original plays the section without cutting the block; Audition Corrected plays the section after cutting the block. Note, these actions are duplicated by the Audition buttons on the Toolbar.

See also Correcting Severe Clicks

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