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Click Detect Mode

The click detect mode can be set to 'differential' or 'per channel' and should be set according to the characteristics of the source recording. If the original source is of a mono disc recorded with a stereo cartridge then there can be an advantage to be gained by detecting on the stereo difference channel. This is because there is no legitimate difference signal and therefore all the difference channel signal represents unwanted noise. This mode is called DIFFERENTIAL Mode.

On the other hand, if the original source is a stereo record, then it is better to detect on each channel separately (PER CHANNEL Mode)

To summarise:

Mono Record + Stereo Cartridge Use Differential Mode 
At all other times Use Per Channel Mode 

This setting has no effect when the 'Tape' source is selected.

Note, if the 'Differential' detection mode is selected when there is no stereo difference channel data available then the detection mode automatically reverts to 'Per Channel' mode.