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Channel Balance   (Waveform Menu)

This command allows you to vary the relative amplitude of the left vs. right channels by up to 6 dB. The command is provided principally to allow the correction of cassette originated recording which sometimes exhibit a channel imbalance. 

Wave Corrector measures the average amplitude of the left and right channels to provide an estimate of any imbalance that might be present. Please remember however that stereo recordings can have a deliberate imbalance between channels so this information should be treated with caution.

You can manually select a re-balancing value, or alternatively you can check the auto-balance check box. If you check auto-balance, Wave Corrector's estimated value will be used.

When xdB lift is applied to say the left channel, the program actually increases the amplitude of the left channel by x/2 dB and decreases the amplitude of the right channel by the same amount. This gives the required re-balancing.

See also Correcting the Volume for further advice.