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Auto-Detect Encoders

Wave Corrector will automatically search the path you specify (including subdirectories) for command line encoders that it recognises. it will add them to the encoder list and fill in default entries for the command line string and file extension. 

Therefore, the easiest way to set up Wave Corrector is to place all your command line encoders in a directory and specify it as your auto-detect path.

The following encoders are recognised:
  • flac.exe flac
  • lame.exe  mp3
  • fastencc.exe mp3
  • wm8etil.exe wma
  • wmcmd.vbs wma
  • oggenc2.exe ogg
  • wavpack.exe wv
  • nereoaacenc.exe mp4
  • faac.exe mp4
  • mppenc.exe mpc
  • ssrc.exe wav (sample rate converter)
  • ssrc_hp wav (sample rate converter)